External Audit

The Firm’s philosophy as External Auditors extends beyond “expressing an opinion” on the financial statements and at SWT we constantly pioneer to give our clients, which consist of small to medium size organizations from multiple industry sectors, an intelligent, imaginative and resourceful service.

Assurance is the process of establishing the integrity and validity of disclosures including statements and reports. An increasing number of organizations report on issues which require a high level of independent assurance, such as compliance with corporate governance policies, compliance with agreed service or control standards, veracity of management assertions regarding impartiality.


How SWT can help you

In order to obtain these assurances, we conduct an audit in accordance with the Sri Lanka Auditing Standards and accordingly include the tests and procedures necessary to the circumstances. The effectiveness of these audits is enhanced by our practical knowledge of the issues faced by our client organizations and our range of industry knowledge and experience.


Internal Audit

Apart from statutory audits, the firm undertakes Internal Audits, wherein we assist and advice all our Clients on weak areas in their accounting, systems and processes, effective use of resources and savings on taxes.


How SWT can help you

  • Assess whether your internal audit function is delivering effectively to stakeholders
  • Provide reassurance that your internal audit, risk management and corporate governance procedures are operating effectively
  • Advise on the development of internal audit and risk management methodologies that align with strategic business objectives


Controls Assurance

Our services enable organizations to gain comfort that their systems, processes and risk management procedures are operating effectively within a well-controlled environment. For organizations that require an independent evaluation of processes and related controls, SWT advises the clients on:


Overall management controls

  • Assurance regarding business processes, systems, data and technology management
  • Risk management
  • Traditional third party assurance


How SWT can help you

  • Assurance that adequate controls are in place to mitigate key risks facing the business
  • Comfort that key controls have been implemented prior to major systems going live
  • Assurance that key processes are providing reliable reports to enable management to make appropriate decisions
  • A robust risk management framework to identify risk
  • A comprehensive, independent report on controls that can be used by third parties

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External Audit The Firm’s philosophy as External Auditors extends beyond “expressing an opinion” on the financial statements and at SWT ...

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