Business owners and managers are bombarded with technology shifts and challenged to stay relevant, improve efficiencies, and lower operating costs running their business. Cloud accounting is the trend for the future and has grown as a choice for many dft-10-04businesses due to its accessibility, automatic updates, and collaborative management.

The Chartered Accountant firm SWT Associates, recently announced that its Cloud-based applications is now integrated with Xero, an easy-to-use online accounting software, creating a unique solution that enhances both productivity and revenue for small and medium businesses.

The introduction of this virtual software platform is expected to help accountants, bookkeepers and businesses with faster and more accurate work paper generation and financial verification, significant time-savings, and access to actionable business intelligence that increases overall productivity.

“SWT Associates leverages the Cloud to empower businesses of all sizes with flexible, affordable and highly configurable solutions – solutions that work the way our clients need them to work. Our Cloud based accounting solution integrated with Xero’s online accounting software supports the promise of running multiple applications from one subscription. At the same time, it reinforces data-driven innovation for our clients, and provides accountants, bookkeepers, auditors and their clients with technology to improve productivity, simplifying accounting compliance and, most importantly, boost both collaboration and financial discipline,” said SWT Associates Managing Partner Wajira Kaluarachchi.

“Xero is effectively an alternative for QuickBooks, which helps to manage invoicing, bank reconciliation, bookkeeping and more. It brings more features than any other accounting software including; quoting, sales order entry, estimating, and inventory to production planning, scheduling, invoicing, time tracking, scheduled payments and even foreign currency accounts reconciliation with exchange rates updated hourly. Clients not only benefit from seamless integration to powerful accounting capabilities, but also gain instant access to real-time data, allowing them to make decisions quickly and manage their business from anywhere, using a smart phone, tablet or other supported device,” she added.